Thursday, March 31, 2011

I've always loved the feeling of cold water splashed on my face. It has a calming effect thats not always so easy to find. I found myself doing this a few days ago, while at work. I looked up into the mirror, not sure why, but I did. Maybe I was looking for something. Something peaceful, or different that would somehow make me feel better. But looking in the mirror and having the same freckly bastard that is always there looking back, wasnt discomforting, surprisingly, but also wasnt much comfort either. Just the truth. I dont find a lot of comfort in the truth, just peace. It's still my face in the mirror, covered in water. The same features I am used to looking at for the past 23 years are still there. There is peace in knowing that no matter what, it will always be your face in the mirror. A small thing, but truth comes in the small things.

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